Meet Triin-Liis


A Certified Building Biologist, a WELL Accredited Professional and a Practitioner Member of the Australian Society of Building Biologists.

Thanks so much for your advice. The assessment and report was well worth it!



What a fantastic result – what a relief for me/us. Thank you so much for helping us through this.


Triin-Liis travelled to our place in the country where she spent quality time completing a Healthy Home Audit. She was very approachable and explained all tests and procedures and her research was great. Her written report is detailed and her explanations clear. I highly recommend House Healing Solutions to start living a healthier life.


Thanks very much for this very detailed and informative report.                                                                                                                                                                                         Marco

I really appreciate your expertise as well as the motivation to do some things I have been meaning to do for a long time!


Thank you so much for your audit and report…gosh there’s a lot of info in there! We have decided not to move in to the property you audited for us as we feel the levels are just too high. As I mentioned the Feng shui of the house is quite good but that doesn’t mean much when your health is being affected by external factors. So, back to the drawing board for us…no doubt the perfect house will turn up soon! Thank you again for helping us make this decision.


This report was money well spent. 121 pages to absorb…a cuppa is definitely in order! We are encompassing every health and sustainable aspect we can for this build – within budget means. And a really important aspect is just how healthy your home is. We spend a lot of hours inside our homes and with the ever increasing amounts of electromagnetic fields, chemically laden products and a trend for ‘air tight’ houses it’s posing our health at risk.


What qualifications should your Building Biologist/EMF Testing Technician/Mould Testing Technician have?

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