Whole Home Audit

Covers: Indoor air quality; Mould; Allergens; Sources of electrical, magnetic and high frequency fields inside and outside the home; Drinking water quality and recommendations on different water filters.



EMF Audit

Covers: All potential EMF sources inside and outside your home by measuring magnetic and high frequency radiation. 




Moisture Audit

Covers: Moisture, Ventilation and Microbial growth.



Building Design Consultations



This consultation integrates several fields into a holistic approach to the healthy home or office, from building and interior materials to electromagnetic fields, proper ventilation, mold and moisture avoidance.



Pre-sale and Pre-purchase Audits



A formal, professional Audit undertaken by Certified Building Biologist will take into account:

  • Air Quality

  • Water Quality

  • Building structure and condition

  • Potential for mould growth

  • Electromagnetic Fields



Sleep Sanctuary and Nursery Planning Consultations


Creating a sleep sanctuary free of flame retardants and chemicals commonly found in mattresses, bedding, furniture and upholstery, and lessening EMF exposure can improve sleep and well-being. 



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